Travel Tips During Covid-19

Like you, I can’t stay at home completely. But the travel lifestyle has certainly changed, hasn’t it. Last month I had an opportunity to take care of my grandkid. I flew to Monterey, California, which was a breeze. Even though my trip was for a week, I only travel with a single carryon piece of Hartman luggage, on wheels, of course. I balance my handbag and a foldable fabric tote (Johnny Was, I recommend) on top of the wheelie and off I go.

Sometimes United gets me in trouble for the third piece, but it all fits in the overhead bin or under my seat. If you’re traveling by yourself, there’s no easier way that this I can guarantee! If for some reason you don’t have a certain item you need, for Pete’s sake go to your local mall and buy something–it’ll help them and will be fun for you too!

Other than that, stay home! A stay-cation is a wonderful opportunity to have food delivered, watch your favorite series and get some time out in the sun. Don’t get used to it, though, we’ll be back to our frantic lifestyles before you know it. My favorite series TV I’m watching right now is The Queen’s Gambin. I was hooked in one episode. What do you do different at home if COVID-19 has affected your employment?

Don’t forget the exercise! Since I’m a writer, I sit for a number of hours in a day, But I demand of myself a power walk of four miles per day. It takes me an hour and about five minutes, and when I’m done, I feel like a million bucks, and I don’t feel guilty for spending the rest of the day on my computer. These kinds of walks can be way more enjoyable if you have a good book on your iPhone or your favorite music. Sometimes I’ll listen to an hour-long podcast. It makes the time fly.

I'm proud to say I'm a native Californian. I grew up in the orange groves of Riverside in Southern California, spent my middle years in Concord, California, and now reside in an off-the-beaten-path rural area called Kneeland, California. Kneeland is special because of the beautiful redwood forests that turn into gorgeous grasslands at higher elevations. I'll include some pics later on. The California Redwoods are a beautiful place to vacation if you are a lover of the outdoors! My husband, Carlos, and I live on a small ranch in this far-flung secluded hamlet surrounded by Redwood forests and their resident wild creatures. As you might imagine, this isolated lifestyle lends itself well to fiction-writing! My fertile imagination runs amok against backdrops of California's famous mountains, deserts, beaches, and the amazing bounty and variety of outdoor activities people gravitate to in the Golden State. When I'm not writing, I spend my time walking and hiking, enjoying nature with Carlos and our two dogs.

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