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Annalise Chamberlain

Hi! I’m Annalise Chamberlain, a new Contemporary Suspense Romance author. Thanks for visiting my site! If you’re like me, COVID-19 shutdowns weren’t a complete disaster because we could read more! Recently, I had to work from home like a lot of you. Working at home doing legal transcription at a lesser level gave me some extra time, so I finally wrote two novels that have been jumping around in my head. I’d like to introduce you to my two new books and to me!

In my previous life, I was a career medical office manager for surgery practice. Next I worked at home as an online legal/medical transcriptionist which I’m still doing but to a lesser extent. Both of these careers gave me incentive to use my medical and legal experiences in writing novels. It’s been invaluable in inspiring my realistic characters and accurately portraying them. I hope to acquaint you with my new release, Meet Me At The Snow Kirk Inn, then, give you an introduction to my second book, The Fetish Bracelet, due to launch early next year.

What’s unique about my books? I write using a strong, magnetic, storyline with uniquely flawed, well-developed, characters that are highly relatable. I keep the pace of my books moving fast, with no mid-book doldrums. That’s not fun. I want you to put your jammies on early because you want to wind down reading my books in bed, then decide to keep on reading until the wee hours.

Boring? No way. You’ll have fun reading my books. There’s a few books off the top of my head that I’d call “fun.” The first that comes to mind is Eat, Pray, Love. If you’ve read it, you will agree, it was a delightful read. Another really popular and fun read was That Month in Tuscany, by Inglath Cooper. I love a book title of Key West Lastly, a impressively wonderful read was Undertow, by Michael Buckley. I’m not in anyway comparing their writing to mine except that I found them to be incredibly entertaining–all the way though to the end.

I hope you’ll find your soul mate with Meet Me At The Snow Kirk Inn and The Fetish Bracelet which will give you some agreeable laughs–but not like comedy fun–steamy, but realistically believable and not overwhelming with dripping, graphic sexual content. Yes, there is relatable and deliciously tantalizing sexual content that may surprise you. My books are tense, authentic, absorbable, and emotional. I don’t want anybody to finish my book and not remember it as a trip to a few hours of believable fiction.

Here’s a curious little illustration I’ve learned from my fellow watercolor artists. If you find a favorite writer, like the biggies, Danielle Steel or Nora Roberts, you know their writing style and what you’ll be getting, and you’ll find yourself returning to a that wonderful author because of their reliable style.

Authors have their own style of writing just like painters. In watercolor art, here’s a little demo on how recognizable my paintings are. All of the subjects are different, but my tight style and cartoonish intensity is the same with every painting. I can’t change that. It’s like a fingerprint. It’s the same with writing. Authors all have a certain recognizable “fingerprint” of style.

Please share some of the things–anything–that makes you happy or your heart go pitter-pat. What’s your favorite contemporary romance book or author? During COVID-19, it’s important to stay positive. I do it with writing, cooking and painting. That’s to say I have three EXTREMES–painting, writing, jewelry, and FOOD NETWORK! what do you do to stay sane during COVID??

I’d like to share some of these ideas, paintings, and recipes. Please return the favor! I’d love to get your take on the subject of CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE Books you LOVED, and what are your thoughts on Food, Art, and Series Television?

Over the years working as a legal transcriptionist, I’ve developed a decent keyboard speed of around 100 wpm. But unless you’re in a business associated with a lot of computer “writing,” design, blogging, or publishing, it’s a lost art.

I’m just a person like you out here on my computer, laying low in COVID-19, and exploring this world of writing and books. It’s not all a negative experience.

You’re here, I believe, because I wrote a book. Then I wrote another book. I thank you for your interest; in fact, I’m honored. It’s extraordinary to meet people that like your same genre, and love your stories! That’s the reward. Because it’s not the money!

My first experience with fictional stories was yearning for my mom to read to me or tell me stories at bedtime. When I got older, I wanted to tell people made-up stories. Sadly, nobody wanted to listen to little me. After that, I took up writing fairy-tale type stories. But who has time for that? Fast forward…kids are out of the house and I’m doing what I really enjoy–writing pretend stories. I’ good now. What makes your heart sing?

In January of 2021, I’ll begin my fourth year of doing a combination run/walk of four miles a day, five days a week with our German Shepherd, Shiloh. There’s no amount of medicine that gives you the maximum feeling of well being than walking (consistently) out doors.

My husband, Carlos, is an old soul. He said this to me not long after we met, “If you walk or jog at least four miles a day, you won’t have to take medication for (heart), (cholesterol), and (anxiety).” He followed that up with, “Do it for 30 days and see how you feel. Quit if it doesn’t ring your bell. But I bet in 30 days you won’t want to stop.” These words were from a guy that ran five miles a day, five days a week for 30 years. I did it and he was right. It made me feel SO GOOD IN MY HEAD and my body that I haven’t quit, and don’t intend to until I’m too old.

I go through four pairs of good athletic shoes a year, and you oughta see them when I’m done. Sorry, but Nike didn’t hold up as well as Adidas for half the price!


(My life in a blurb)

“Never learn to type kiddo. And if you do learn to type, never tell anybody you can type, or they’ll make you do it forever. Never learn shorthand, either. It’ll be the death of you. They’ll put a steno pad in a woman’s hand and it’ll never come out.” -Elizabeth Gilbert, City of Girls

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