A Contemporary Suspense Romance

by Annalise Chamberlain


Set in the vibrant cities of Scottsdale, Arizona and Oceanside, California, The Fetish Bracelet is the story of devastation, redemption, humiliation, courage, despair, and renewal. Jessie Matthews, a stay-at-home mom with two teenagers, suddenly becomes a widow–worse yet, a broke widow.

Ignorant of her husband’s precarious financial situation, Jessie’s attorney presents her with the crippling fact that Dr. Greg Matthews has left her virtually bankrupt with no assets and no place to call home. At that moment Jessie realizes the magnitude of her bleak position, she flies into a rage at Dimitri Esposito. When Dimitri shares with Jessie her husband has a mistress with a diamond ring driving a brand new Ranger Rover, her humiliation is complete.

Despite Jessie’s bad behavior, Attorney Dimitri Esposito is driven to help Jessie which leads to an unexpected night time of passion followed by some very big misunderstandings by both of them. And then, Jessie meets dashing Dr. Max Carson, her new employer, and sparks get hot.

Financially devastated, Jessie relocates the family from Phoenix to the Southern California beach town of Oceanside where her mother owns a house. This is where Jessie’s new adventures begin as she discovers she’s a relic of the past in the dating scene, and horribly naïve in trusting people while learning to take care of herself in this crazy new single status. Where Jessie’s naivety leads her will fortify your opinion that maybe she’s been underestimated.

The funny thing is about this novel, it’s based on real-life experiences and is about ninety-nine percent true. Yeah. Unbelievable stuff like this happens to some people and you’d never know it in a million years…unless they tell you, which I just did. Of course, I have to stand by my disclaimer–it’s all fiction!

Annalise Chamberlain, Author

Hi, fellow readers. I’m Annalise Chamberlain, a new Contemporary Romance Author. Contemporary Romance is a genre that indicates current-day happenings. Books are a wonderful to escape our sometimes harsh circumstances, aren’t they? If you’re looking for a brisk-paced, action-packed, steamy, real-life romance, begin here.

My take on Contemporary Romance first and foremost, is a splendidly crafted story with a modicum of steamy sexual content that is realistic and balanced. I write powerful, fast-moving stories that “could be,” and probably are going on in Somewhere, USA. The very most satisfaction we all get in a book is “living” the story. That’s why I create deliciously intriguing locations for my characters to play around in.

My debut book, MEET ME AT THE SNOW KIRK INN, is staged in the incomparably beautiful mountains of the Tahoe/Truckee area. But that’s not the only “location” in the book. You’ll vacay in Antigua and Key West in the same story. Since I’ve visited all of the locations I use in my writing, you can count on it to being somewhat representative of the location.

My second book, The Fetish Bracelet, is staged in Scottsdale, Arizona, and if you’ve every visited Scottsdale, you know it’s one of the most stunningly gorgeous areas in the United States. It’s also a very powerful meditation area with the most dense energy vortices in the Country. It’s a little spooky but plays very well into this book! You’ll see.

Scottsdale is notable for it’s amazing Native American art collections, museums, history, fabulous shopping, and dining. Of course, the awesome winter weather is wonderful and attracts millions of snow birds who appreciate the mild conditions. Live the billionaire lifestyle for a few hours and dive deep into The Fetish Bracelet. Jessie and Dimitri won’t disappoint! And I can pretty much guarantee your next resort vacation will take place in Scottsdale!

Last but not least is THE BROKEN WIDOW, my third novel, due for release in the fall of 2021, and is staged in cattle country of coastal Central California. THE BROKEN WIDOW is a contemporary romance that explores the unique relationship between a young widow and an older rancher she meets in a rehab facility and how he completely upends her life.

But wait. When you visit The Broken Widow, she’ll take you to places you’ve never been. How about Grand Bahama on a dive trip? Emma won’t disappoint.