Clean Romance Explained

This excellent article was an informative explanation of the definitions, “clean” and “feel good” romance genres that really made clear the difference between them and how each term is perceived here in the USA and in Europe. I think any reader/writer of romance would learn something to consider when looking for a romance to read or when you’re writing one. As a writer, I struggle a little between clean and explicit or suggestive sex scenes. It doesn’t seem realistic to me to eliminate sex entirely out of a romance book. Yet again, a few suggestions will create an understanding that’s what the characters are participating in—or not. Enjoy Christine Blackthorn’s thoughts.

I'm proud to say I'm a native Californian. I grew up in the orange groves of Riverside in Southern California, spent my middle years in Concord, California, and now reside in an off-the-beaten-path rural area called Kneeland, California. Kneeland is special because of the beautiful redwood forests that turn into gorgeous grasslands at higher elevations. I'll include some pics later on. The California Redwoods are a beautiful place to vacation if you are a lover of the outdoors! My husband, Carlos, and I live on a small ranch in this far-flung secluded hamlet surrounded by Redwood forests and their resident wild creatures. As you might imagine, this isolated lifestyle lends itself well to fiction-writing! My fertile imagination runs amok against backdrops of California's famous mountains, deserts, beaches, and the amazing bounty and variety of outdoor activities people gravitate to in the Golden State. When I'm not writing, I spend my time walking and hiking, enjoying nature with Carlos and our two dogs.

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